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World Cup 2010 South Africa - Durban Tourist Information

Durban is South Africa's second largest city and has a population of over 3 million. A real melting pot of cultures, Durban has the highest concentration of Indians outside of India. Perhaps the most famous Indian of them all, Mahatma Ghandi, worked as a lawyer here.

With warm weather all year round, Durban is a holiday paradise. The waterfront is lined by sumptuous hotels along Durban's 'Golden Mile' that look out onto the Indian Ocean. You won't only find 5 Star hotels in Durban though. Accommodation in Durban comes in all shapes, sizes and budgets. Durban offers beach backpacking at it's best and there are numerous Durban backpacking lodges and rooms. You really can enjoy the surfer lifestyle on a budget in Durban. A twin room for one night in a backpacking lodge in Durban can cost less than an England shirt.

Durban Visitor Tourist Information

Durban offers activities galore for the adventurous tourist. Sailing and surfing are popular pastimes in Durban along with jet skiing, windsurfing and snorkelling. You can go shark or dolphin spotting just off the coast of Durban and off shore and deep sea fishing can be arranged easily. When you are done playing hard, Durban offers a variety of nightlife options from Techno clubs to cigar bars and because of Durban's Indian influence, a chicken vindaloo is never very far away.

Flights to Durban are served by Durban International Airport. The airport is much smaller than South Africa's other international airports. The runway at Durban International is so small that a fully loaded 747 can't take off here. Long haul flights from Durban must make a stop elsewhere to refuel!

2010 World Cup South Africa - Durban World Cup Fixtures

To be confirmed

2010 World Cup South Africa - Durban World Cup Stadium Information

Located near Durban's harbour, The King's Park Stadium is to be renovated for the 2010 World Cup. The capacity is expected to increase to 80,000.

South Africa Backpacking Guide