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World Cup 2010 South Africa - Johannesburg Tourist Information

Johannesburg is home to more than three million people and if you count the greater Johannesburg area, including the suburbs, that number jumps to more than seven million. Although Johannesburg is the third most populous city in the whole of Africa it is not actually the capital city of South Africa as many people believe. The administrative capital of South Africa is in fact Pretoria.

Johannesburg is still considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The disgraceful and sickening apartheid regime left behind a legacy of economic despair and poor quality living standards for the black African population who were forced out of the city and into townships such as Soweto. After apartheid was abolished many of the township population returned to former 'white areas' and crime increased. In March 2001 the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) was established to fight the soaring crime rate. Progress has been made in many areas but it is still advisable to exercise extreme caution when you visit or travel to Johannesburg.

Johannesburg is not a city famous for it's tourism but is beginning to utilise it's position as the main stop off point for international holidaymakers heading for the coast. Visitors to Johannesburg can learn about the city's chequered past at the Apartheid museum. On the same complex is the huge Gold Reef City - an amusement park built on an old goldmine and dedicated to the gold rush era of the 19th century. If that's not enough, the complex boasts a 24 hour casino complete with a luxury hotel - and all this just 5 miles from Johannesburg city centre.

Nelson Mandela Square

More adventurous tourists can visit Soweto. Almost 1 million people live in Soweto alone and the suburb of Orlando is the place to go to see the former home of Nelson Mandela. If a trip to the townships is not up your street, you can buff the shoes of a huge statue of the South African icon in Nelson Mandela Square, in the more upmarket Sandton district.

Just 30 minutes outside Johannesburg is the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site - former home of the Australopithecus - A 4 million year old ancestor of you, me, and, well.....everybody alive today.

Johannesburg is served most prominently by Johannesburg International Airport. Most international flights to Johannesburg land here - the largest airport in Africa. Around 13 million passengers fly through Johannesburg International every year.

2010 World Cup South Africa - Johannesburg World Cup Fixtures

To be confirmed

2010 World Cup South Africa - Johannesburg World Cup Stadium Information

Johannesburg will have two venues for the 2010 World Cup finals. The FNB Stadium, or 'Soccer City' as it is also known, is South Africa's home of football. Johannesburg's second World Cup venue will be Ellis Park - the venue for the 1995 Rugby World Cup final.

Official Web Site of the City of Johannesburg

Gold Reef City Official Site